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Diana has sexy long legs that look awesome in pantyhose. (28 June 2016)

Diana is my shy partner. She is very shy at first when she undresses (although we did a lot of fucking movies together). She is in love with sheer pantyhose, and she loves to pose in them. You have to admit, her legs are sexy and her bum is awesome. DCNET-Set48

Sexy dress and red panties. (26 June 2016)

Maya loves to dress like a nymphomaniac secretary. She wears a short sexy dress, red panties, and vampa glasses. Wouldn't you fuck this beauty ?  DCNET-Set46

Awesome legs in pantyhose (25 June 2016)

Sexy girl Maya is posing in patterned pantyhose and sneakers, and she strips, and poses in some awesome positions. She is very hot, her ass is very fuckable and she's a cutie in general. DCNET-Set45

Nylon girl pleases two old dudes, sucking and fucking with them. (24 June 2016)

Maya is dressed like a slutty nylon girl, and she enters the room decided to please her two older partners. She sucks them one by one, and then one of them start to fuck her doggy style and push her mouth in the other's guy cock. The first on cums all over her ass, but she continues to blow for a long time. DCNET0195

Sexy pantyhose posing on the bed (23 June 2016)

Maya is dressed for an occasion, yet instead going to the party she starts to strip on the bed and shows her tits, and her black pantyhose wearing her sexy secretary glasses. DCNET-Set44

Fishnet slut fucked hard in pussy with a but plug deep her ass. (22 June 2016)

Maya loves to dress in her favorite fishnets and masturbate with several dildos of different length and size. After that she calls for the camera man to come to the bed and fuck her. She loves to act like a slut. She sucks cock while her pussy and ass are rammed with big and small dildos. Then she bends over and is fucked in her tight pussy by a dick while her almost virgin ass is penetrated by a but plug. She grabs the latex sheets and moans with her intense orgasm while is fucked hard. DCNET0194

Covering her with hot cum. (22 June 2016)

She lays with her face up and legs wide open. He comes over her and fuck her very hard and deep. Then he gets on top of her and jerks off so that he cums all over her tits and tummy. Then he spreads the cum all over her body with his hand. DCNET0193

Gang-banged by two mature fat dudes. (21 June 2016)

Sexy Maya loves to be fucked long time. She also loves groupsex. She is fucked by two fat dudes. She blows them in turn, is fucked in pussy with a huge dildo while sucking them. At the end, her pantyhose ass is covered with hot cumshot. DCNET0192

Two old fat men fuck a sexy young girl in a hot threesome (19 June 2016)

Sexy girl Maya enters the room and she find her employers naked and waiting for her. It's an odd situation for her to have two bosses, but she has to satisfy them both. She starts by sucking their cocks alternatively, then she is fucked doggy style by one of them while she sucks the cock of the other. The first of her bosses cums on her round sexy ass and she continues to suck the other cock for a very long time. DCNET0191

She is a fucktoy for two old men. (18 June 2016)

She has been paid to be a fucktoy for these two old men, who takes turns on fucking her pussy, her mouth, with their dicks and a huge dildo. She loves the game and bends over arching her back so one of the fat dudes can ram her pussy with his big dick, while fucking her tight ass with a but-plug like dildo. Her legs tremble when she had explosive orgasm being fucked and cumed on by mature men. DCNET0190

Reading in boring, much better to play with dildos (17 June 2016)

Maya is soo bored. She tries to read a newspaper, but the paper is soo boring. She crushes the newspaper and takes out the dildos that she had under it and starts playing with them, inserting them in her holes, and feeling good with them. DCNET0189

Covering her body with cum (16 June 2016)

Maya lays on her back and a fat mature masked man fuck her a lot. Then he get's on top of her and jerks of, shooting several jets of hot sperm all over her body, tits, neck and face. Then he spreads the cum all over her body. DCNET0188

Mature / young threesome and cumshot on pantyhose ass (11 June 2016)

Two mature fat dudes with masks fuck one nylon cheap slut with high heels for a long time. They change places fucking her mouth, one of them fuck her pussy for a long time, blowjob and dildo fucking rough, and a lot of cumshot on her torn pantyhose ass. DCNET0187

A long 69, pussy fingering, ass spreading and looong cock sucking. (13 June 2016)

Maya is filming with a new partner, and older gentleman. She is sucking his thick cock for a very long time, and he is tearing her pantyhose and open wide her pussy and ass. He fingers her ass and she takes his cock deep in her mouth. DCNET0186

Posing in black pantyhose. (11 June 2016)

A short clip of Maya posing in black pantyhose, high heels, and red embroidery corset. Very sexy long legs she has. DCNET0185

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